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Note: Information on the Lewis Family before Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 in Virginia comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes.

William Young: a cousin proven by DNA

DNA confirms an exact match to John Lewis of Franklin Co KY. And, DNA tests confirm a close relationship (35/37) with James Lewis of Louisa Co VA and an even closer relationship (36/37) with John Lewis of Caroline Co VA. These test results can be found at the Lewis Surname DNA Project. Additionally, a detailed discussion of the significance of these test results and a comparison of the results for the five Lewis families of northern Virginia can be found at DNA Results. And, there is an additional test for the descendants of Edmund Lewis of Person Co VA which proves a very distant connection.

There is a 36/37 match to the family of William Young who died in Page Co VA. There is an even newer test for descendants of Joseph Lewis of Essex Co VA which matches William Young perfectly.

As Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 Spotsylvania Co VA is my ancestor. How can someone named Young be an almost perfect match? There is a plausible explanation:

A young woman--no pun intended--marries a man named Lewis and has one or more children. Upon his death, the woman looks for another husband. Per the customs of the times, the new husband accepts the children by the first marriage but does not necessarily adopt the children. Having lived in the second household, the children use the second husband's name. Thereby, a Lewis child can come to use the surname Young.

William Young was born 1777 in Virginia. And, his circumstances are unknown.

We have found no record of William Young (1775 - 1855) prior to his marriage in 1801 to Elizabeth Burgess. The Orange County, Virginia census of 1785 (1795?) list as Head of household two person's with the surname Young. William Young as having five children and John Young as having four children.

Since the obituary of Nancy Young, a daughter of William and Elizabeth Young, states that Nancy's birth was in Orange County, Virginia, we believe that it is logical to assume with a relative degree of confidence that either William or John Young would have been the father of William Young, the husband of Elizabeth Burgess. William Young was born East of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Email Correspondence, 8/19/2012

The first record for William is his 1801 marriage in Rockingham Co VA to Elizabeth Burgess b. c 1780.

William is last recorded in the 1850 Census for Page County where he resided in the home of son James Absalom. William died 6/3/1855 in Page Co VA.

Males Born After



Females Born After # Young
100+ 100+
to 100 1740 to 100 1740
to 90 1750 to 90 1750
to 80 1760 to 80 1760
to 70 1770 1 William to 70 1770 1 Elizabeth
to 60 1780 0 to 60 1780 0
to 50 1790 0 to 50 1790 0
to 40 1800 1 to 40 1800 1
to 30 1810 1 to 30 1810 0
to 20 1820 1 to 20 1820 0
to 15 1825 1 to 15 1825 1
to 10 1830 0 to 10 1830 0
to 5 1835 0 to 5 1835 0
1850 Federal Census: Page County, Virginia
HN  FN  LAST     FIRST        AGE Sex Occup. BIRTH
88  88  Young    James        43  M   Cooper VA
        Young    William      73  M          "


    1. Sarah S. Young

    2. Nancy Young

1850 Federal Census: Page County, Virginia
HN  FN  LAST   FIRST        AGE Sex Occup. BIRTH
538 538 Hume   Anthony      47  M   Cooper VA
               Nancy        47  F          "
        Young  Benjamin G.  12  M          "
        Baker  Nancy        13  F          "

    3. James Absalom Young b. 1807 Shenandoah Co VA

    4. William L. Young

1850 Federal Census: Page County, Virginia
HN  FN  LAST   FIRST        AGE Sex Occup. BIRTH
341 341 Young  William L.   42  M   Cooper VA
               Mary A.      26  F          "

    5. Elizabeth Young

    6. John Emanuel Young

1850 Federal Census: Page County, Virginia
HN  FN  LAST   FIRST        AGE Sex Occup. BIRTH
274 274 Young  John         35  M   Cooper VA
               Mary A.      26  F          "
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Jno. J. YOUNG Self M Male W 68 VA Cooper VA VA
Mary Ann YOUNG Wife M Female W 58 VA Keeps House VA VA

Generation #2


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