Descendants of Lewis ap David of Cardiganshire, Wales

Generation #5

Note: Information on the Lewis Family before Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 in Virginia comes from assumptions based on multiple sources. Therefore, the information on this page is not reliable for genealogical purposes. A detailed discussion of the many connections can be found at Lewis Family Research.

Joseph (4Joseph, 3John, 2James, 1James, 0Research) Lewis of Warren Co KY

Walden Lewis b. c. 1774 Spotsylvania Co VA is my ancestor. DNA confirms an exact match to John Lewis of Franklin Co KY. And, DNA tests confirm a close relationship (35/37) with James Lewis of Louisa Co VA and an even closer relationship (36/37) with John Lewis of Caroline Co VA. These test results can be found at the Lewis Surname DNA Project. Additionally, a detailed discussion of the significance of these test results and a comparison of the results for the five Lewis families of northern Virginia can be found at DNA Results. And, there is an additional test (36/37) for the descendants of Edmund Lewis of Person Co NC which proves a very distant connection.

This analysis focuses on the 36/37 match to the Joseph Lewis family of Essex Co VA. Interestingly, Joseph matches perfectly William Young who died in Page Co VA.

But then, there's this genealogical inquiry from over a hundred years ago:

Contents for July, 1896. 

45. Want to know of the brothers and sisters of Joseph Lewis, who married Nancy Faulkoner about 1793 and came from Virginia to Kentucky in 1818 with members of his wife's family and one Richard Vivian (or Vernon), who married Miss Davis. Joseph Lewis had a son, Burton R., who went as a substitute for his father into the army between 1812 and 1815. Tradition says he had two brothers, Charles and James. The latter settled near Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Would also like the antecedents of Nancy Faulkoner, the wife of Joseph Lewis, who had brothers Thomas, Newman and Edward. My grandfather was nine years old at the time of the battle of York town and remembered hearing the cannon on that occasion. J. W. L.

    "Lewisiana, the Lewis Letter," v. 7, p.16. <> 2 June 2013.

Joseph Lewis was born 1771, probably in Caroline Co VA. And, there are records to link Joseph Lewis to the larger Lewis family through the Longs of Caroline Co VA.

Caroline Co VA Court Order Book, p. 388:
12 Nov 1762. William Clutterbuck, Joseph Lewis [possible f/o Joseph] and Francis Long ack. debt to the King for 20 lbs (William) and 10 lbs (Joseph and Francis each) if William Clutterbuck does not keep the peace for one year.

In about 1795 in Virginia, Joseph married Nancy Faulconer of St. Anne's Parish, Essex county. As the Faulconers lived in the vicinity of Loretto VA, they would have been just down the Tidewater Trail from Port Royal and the Lewis family.

When Samuel Faulkoner died, Joseph was appointed his father-in-law's executor. Subsequently, he was part of a lawsuit about the 1789 probate for Nancy's grandfather's estate. This is the only record of Joseph in Virginia. Why? The Lewis Family attended St. Mary's Parish in Caroline county. And, those parish registers including deeds and wills no longer exist.

By 1810 the family migrated west to Madison Co KY. And by 1818, the family migrated to Warren Co KY. Joseph does exist in the many censuses in Kentucky as does his children. Joseph died in 1861 in Warren Co KY.

Kennedy vs. Petty--O. S. 222; N. S. 77
Will of Nicholas Faulconer of Essex County, Parish of St. Ann's.
Legatees, Jane Garnett, James Faulconer and Nicholas Faulconer; son, Thomas Faulconer; son, Samuel Faulconer's children; legatee, James Halbert; grandchildren, Joel, Wm., and Mary Halbert; granddaughter, Mary Faulconer; granddaughter, Mary Halbert; wife.
Dated 3d April, 1789. Proved in Essex, 15th June, 1789.

c. 1805 Suit is brought by Reuben Kennedy and Ursula, his wife; Thomas Faulconer; William Newman and Lucy, his wife; Robert Faulconer; Newman Faulconer; Carter and Edward Faulconer; Joseph Lewis, administrator of Samuel Faulconer; Nicholas Faulconer and Frances, his wife; Joseph Lewis and Nancy, his wife.

Samuel Faulconer, son of Nicholas, left 10 children, viz: UrsuIa, Reuben, Thomas, Frances, Nancy, Lucy, Robert, Newman, Carter and Edward, of whom Carter and Edward are infants.

Name Gender Age
Joseph Lewis M 79
N Lewis F 75
Name: Joseph Lewis
Residence: Warren, Kentucky
Ward: District No 2
Age: 89 years
Estimated Birth Year: 1771
Birthplace: Virginia
Gender: Male
Page: 75
Family Number: 515


    1. Burton R. Lewis

Household Gender Age
B (Burton) Lewis M 55
L Lewis F 40
F Lewis M 22
W Lewis M 18
M Lewis M 15
J G Lewis M 13
G N Lewis M 9
L J Lewis M 8
M F Lewis F 3
W Walker M 83

    2. Charles Lewis b. 1797 in Virginia (See below)

    3. Nimrod Lewis

Household Gender Age
N (Nimrod) Lewis M 47
M Lewis F 41
J W Lewis M 13
T J Lewis M 11
M E Lewis F 9
J H Lewis M 7
F M Lewis F 5
N E Lewis F 1

    4. Robert Lewis

Household Gender Age
R (Robert) Lewis M 45
M Lewis F 37
P Lewis M 18
D Lewis F 14
B N Lewis M 11
C Lewis F 9
M J Lewis F 7
F A Lewis F 4
V E Lewis F 2

    5. Joseph Lewis

Gender Age Birthplace
Joseph Lewis M 46
Nancy Lewis F 30
Joseph Lewis M 20
Margaret Lewis F 16
Clarisa J Lewis F 12
Frances Lewis F 9
Lucinda Lewis F 6
William T Lewis M 4
Mary Jane Lewis F 1

    6. Elizabeth Lewis

Household Gender Age
Isaac Miller M 50
E Miller F 45
M Miller M 21
S Miller F 26
Wm Miller M 20
E Miller F 13
M Miller F 12
N Miller M 8
F Miller F 3
Jno Jenkins M 11

    7. Nancy Lewis

    8. Mary Lewis

    9. Lorenzo Dow Lewis

Household Gender Age
L D (Lorenzo Dow) Lewis M 34
I A Lewis F 28
W Lewis M 4
A C Lewis F 2
Ophelia Lewis F 0


Gen #2. Charles Lewis

Household Gender Age
C (Charles) Lewis M 52
R (Rebecca) Lewis F 43
A (Addison) Lewis M 22
F Lewis M 19
W (William) Lewis M 17
M J (Mary Jane) Lewis F 15
E (Edy) Lewis F 12
I A Lewis F 10
C (Charles) Lewis M 6
S (Susan) Lewis F 3
Name: Charles Lewis
Residence: Warren, Kentucky
Ward: District No 2
Age: 62 years
Estimated Birth Year: 1798
Birthplace: Virginia
Gender: Male
Page: 75
Family Number: 515
Name Gender Age
Charles Lewis M 72y
Rebecha Lewis F 63y
Palistine Lewis F 13y
William H Lewis M 7y
Head Charles H. Lewis M 37
Spouse Louisa Lewis F 32
Child Rosella Lewis F 11
Child Minnie L. Lewis F 10
  Willie Simmons M 4
Parent Rebecca Lewis F 72

Gen #3. Addison Lewis

Name: Adison Lewis
Residence: Warren, Kentucky
Ward: District No 2
Age: 25 years???
Estimated Birth Year: 1835???
Birthplace: Kentucky
Gender: Male
Page: 132
Family Number: 938
Name Gender Age
Adison Lewis M 43y
Jemima Lewis F 33y
Jesse F Lewis M 15y
Martha J Lewis F 13y
Susan T Lewis F 11y
Alice N Lewis F 9y
William A Lewis M 8y
Edy M Lewis M 4y
  Addison Lewis M 50
Child Jessee F. Lewis M 24
Child Martha J. Lewis F 23
Child William A. Lewis M 17
Child Edy. M. Lewis M 14
Child Eugene T. Lewis M 4

Gen #4. William Lewis

Gen #5. Phillip Harvey Lewis

Gen #6. Charles William Lewis

Gen #7. Charles William Lewis II


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