Descendants of Zachary Lewis of
Brecknockshire, Wales

Generation #2

John (1Zachary I, 0Research) Lewis of Lewisville Plantation

According to grandson, Rev. Iverson Lewis, Zachary I and family emigrated in 1692 to Colonial Virginia, settling south of the Rappahannock River in King & Queen Co VA (vic. Contra VA). Zachary I is first documented in 1694 when he patented land adjacent to Christopher Lewis. This Christopher was most probably a close cousin or even an uncle. And, there is evidence which connects to a sister, Sarah.

Zachary Lewis I was a noted lawyer in early Colonial Virginia. And, his sons and grandsons were also. Zachary built the family home, Lewisville, at the head of the Piankatank River on Dragon Swamp. Zachary died after 1739 and is buried in the family plot at the family home.

Contrary to custom, Zachary I left Lewisville to younger son John who married Sarah Iverson. From the 1894 Lewis Convention held at Bel-Air in Spotsylvanina Co  VA, we learn that Zachary Lewis II left King & Queen county early, heading upriver to make his own fortune in the new lands of the west. And come to find out, Zachary's sisters' families did the same.

John Lewis was born 1704 at Lewisville Plantation in King and Queen Co VA. And in 1729, John married Sarah Iverson b. c. 1709, daughter of Abraham Iverson of Gloucester Co VA.

John was an accomplished lawyer as were his sons. John and Sarah lived the remainder of their lives on the family plantation. John died after 1757 at the family home.

About the history of Lewisville Plantation. We find that Lewisville was sold to the Walden family before 1843:

Maria Louise Adelaide Miliote St. de la Croix Gernon Clopton, born at "Roslyn" New Kent County, Virginia.  She married Zachary Lewis, M.D., of Lewisville & Croton May 6, 1831 at Richmond City, Virginia, by Elder John Kerr.
Harris, Old New Kent County History, p. 229.

After the sale of the Lewisville estate, Dr. Zachary Lewis purchased the plantation near Mattapony Church called Croton.
Harris, Old New Kent County History, p. 513.

1843. Croton Female Seminary is established by Dr. Zachary Lewis. In 1858, the school is incorporated as Croton Female College with Dr. Lewis as president and his wife, Maria L. C. Lewis assisting in operating the school. The Civil War forces the school to close.


    1. Sarah Lewis

    2. William Lewis

     3. Catherine Lewis

    4. Christopher Lewis

    5. Ann Lewis

    6. Rev. Iverson Lewis b. 3/4/1741 King and Queen Co VA

    7. Robert Lewis b. 1744 King and Queen Co VA

Generation #3


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