Descendants of Michael Mulick
of County Roscommon, Ireland

County Roscommon

Generation #1

Michael Mulick of  County Roscommon, Ireland

Research Note: Information on the Mulick Family prior to daughter Mary's marriage in 1855 to Michael Maloney was excerpted from "A Mulick Anthology," 1993 <> 3 November 2014.

Michael Mulick was born 1815 in County Roscommon, Ireland. And in about 1835 in Roscommon, Ireland, Michael married his first wife. With her, Michael had two young children before her death in about 1839.

Needing a mother for his children, Michael remarried immediately. In 1839 in County Roscommon, Ireland, Michael married Bridget Coleman b. 1820 in County Roscommon, Ireland. And right after marrying Bridgett, Michael loaded up the family, traveling by cart to Dublin to take a ship for America.

Remarkably, this Irish Catholic family escaped the Great Famine; as their migration was a good six years before the Potato Blight hit Ireland. What was Michael's motivation? Reportedly, he received a glowing report from a cousin who preceded him, migrating to America. Arriving at New York, Michael immediately set off with his family in an ox-cart for the verdant lands of Kentucky.

The family is next found in Mercer Co KY in 2/1841 at the birth of sons Thomas and James. While in Kentucky, Michael worked at many jobs but never found the farm he dreamed of. So with the increase in hostilities around the core issue of slavery, in about 1851, Michael migrated north to Indiana to settle in a "Free" state. And, the family settled in Jennings Co IN and had three additional children. But, Michael died in 1856.

Just after Michael's death, Bridget gathered up the children minus Mary, who had wed Michael Maloney, and headed west in a "wagon train" bound for Iowa. Bridget and family settled in Buchanan Co IA where they farmed and kept cattle.

For so many years, Bridget kept the family farm even when her boys had to go off to fight the Civil War. By 1880 Bridget was living on the family farm with a son and some of her grandchildren. But, they kept the farm.

Bridget died at home 8/26/1899 in Buchanan Co IA and is buried in St. John's Cemetery, Independence IA.

1850 Federal Census: Mercer Co KY;
DW#  FM#  Last    First      Age Sex R  Occup.  POB
570       Mulich  Michael    35  M              Ire
                  Bridget    27  F              Ire
                  John       13  M              Ire
                  Mary       11  F              Ire
                  Thomas      8  M              KY
                  James       8  M              KY
                  Ellen       6  F              KY
                  Edward      7  M              KY
1860 Federal Census: Buchanan Co IA;
DW#  FM#  Last    First      Age Sex R  Occup.  POB
170       Mulick  Bridget    39  F              Ire
                  James      19  M              KY
                  Thomas     19  M              KY
                  Edward     17  M              KY
                  Ellen      15  F              KY
                  Anna        5  F              Ind
                  Bridget     3  F              Ind
1860 Federal Census: Buchanan Co IA;
DW#  FM#  Last    First      Age Sex R  Occup.  POB
51        Mulick  Bridget    48  F              Ire
                  Thomas     29  M              KY
                  James      29  M              KY
                  Edward     27  M              KY
                  Anna       16  F              KY
                  Dilla      14  F              Ind
1860 Federal Census: Buchanan Co IA;
DW#  FM#  Last    First      Age Sex R  Occup.  POB
          Mulick  Bridget    60  F              Ire

    Children with unknown spouse

    1. John Mulick

    2. Mary Mulick b. 1838 County Roscommon, Ireland

    Children with Bridget Coleman

    3. Thomas Mulick (twin)

    4. James Mulick (twin)

    5. Edward Everett Mulick

Note: Edward Everett was discharged for wounds received during the Civil War and physically couldn't farm. In 1870 he migrated to Davenport IA to go to business school. His residence was 511 W. 11th St. This is the same house my father-in-law, Thomas Mullin, grew up in 55 years later.

    6. Ellen Mulick

    7. Anna Mulick

    8. Bridget Mulick

Generation #2


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