Descendants of Dennis Mullin
County Kerry, Ireland

County Kerry

Generation #5

Thomas Edward (4Dennis Edward, 3Edward Dennis, 2Dennis, 1Dennis) Mullin

Thomas Edward Mullin was born in Bedford, Taylor Co IA. In 1925 he migrated with his family to Davenport IA.

Tom is noted for having never been unemployed. As a youth, he was a paperboy and then the distribution manager for the Quad-City Times. During WWII he enlisted in the US Navy, serving in the 45th Seabees in Alaska and Hawaii. While in the Navy, Tom returned to Davenport to marry Marion Emma Stamer b. in Davenport IA. Returning to Davenport after the war, Tom worked as an appliance salesman and then realtor in the Quad-Cities.

Tom and Marion were married for over 50 years. Tom died in Davenport IA and is buried in Mt. Cavalry Cemetery, Davenport IA.


    1. Paul David Mullin

    2. Rosanne Marie Mullin b. Davenport IA

    3. Neil Dennis Mullin

    4. Kathleen Ellen Mullin

    5. Thomas Joseph Mullin

Generation #6


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