Descendants of Dennis Mullin
County Kerry, Ireland

County Kerry

Generation #4

Dennis Edward (3Edward Dennis, 2Dennis, 1Dennis) Mullin

Dennis Edward Mullin was born 8/7/1887 in Clearfield, Taylor Co IA. And, he grew up on the family farm.

Dennis met some of the Reagans in Ringgold County, and through them Sarah Catherine Reagan b. 3/30/1894 in Davenport IA. Shortly thereafter, they developed a truly long distance relationship; as Davenport was 200 miles and up to three days travel by wagon and/or train. After meeting only twice, Dennis Edward married Sarah "Kate" Reagan. Their wedding was on 9/27/1915 in St. Anthony's Church, Davenport IA. After the wedding, Kate went back to Ringgold County to live with Dennis Edward.

Dennis and Kate lived on the family farm in Ringgold County which was leased from their cousins, the Shays. But with the end of hostilities in Europe, depression hit America's farm belt. And, this depression melded into the Great Depression, lasting until a general recovery during WWII.

As a direct result of this farm depression, Dennis lost the family farm and all of their holdings. Unfortunately, this was all too common an occurrence in Iowa during the times. In 1925 Dennis, Kate, and the four children arrived by train in Davenport with little more than the clothes on their backs and four chickens.

After arriving in Davenport, Dennis and Kate rented the Reagan family home on W. 11th Street, eventually purchasing the home from the estate. Later, they moved up the hill to Lilly Ave above Locust Street. Dennis worked as a laborer, hauling freight for the Rock Island Arsenal with his team of mules and wagon, living to retirement.

Dennis died 1/28/1970 in Davenport, and both he and Kate are buried in Mt. Cavalry Cemetery.

1887 - 1970
1894 - 1972
1920 Federal Census: Ringgold Co IA; Benton Twp
                                                   Dad Mom
DW# FM#  Last    First      Rel.  Sex R  Age   POB POB POB
21  22   Mullin  Dennis E.  Head  M   W  31    IA  IA  IA
                 Sarah K.   Wife  F   W  26    IA  IA  IA
                 Thomas E.  Son   M   W  3 1/2 IA  IA  IA
                 Martin J.  Son   M   W  1 1/2 IA  IA  IA
1930 Federal Census: Scott County, Iowa
FM   Last    First         Rel   Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
4    Mullin  Edward D.     Head  M    42   IA   IA   IA   Teamster
             Catherine     Wife  F    36   IA   IA   IA
             Thomas E.     Son   M    13   IA   IA   IA   Newsboy
             John M.       Son   M    11   IA   IA   IA
             Margaret M.   Dau   F     9   IA   IA   IA
             Catherine R.  Dau   F     6   IA   IA   IA


    1. Thomas Edward Mullin b. Bedford, Taylor Co IA

    2. John Martin Mullin

    3. Margaret Mary Mullin

    4. Catherine Rose Mullin

Generation #5


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