Descendants of Johann Emerich Nunnemacher
of the Palatinate of the Rhine

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C.)

Generation #2

Christina (1Johann Emerich) Nunnemacher

The identity of the wife of Gottfried Wilkin is established through circumstantial evidence. In 1748 Gottfried and wife Christina were sponsors for the baptism of a child of Anna Barbara Nunnemacher and husband Matthew Sheetz. In 1756 Gottfried Wilkin and wife Christina baptized their son Henry at the Germantown Reformed Church. In 1776 Johann Emerich Nunnemacher left a will naming grandchildren by a deceased daughter--George, Mathias, Godfrey and Henry Wilkeel [Wilkin] and their two sisters. And, these names match those of Gottfried and Christina Wilkin's children.

Christina was born in about 1726 Weyer, Palatinate of the Rhine. On 9/29/1741 Christina immigrated with her family aboard the Lydia to Philadelphia PA. As was custom, only males above the age of 16 were enumerated by name. Therefore, there is no record of Christina by name. Christina's family migrated north to Bucks Co PA and settled in Rockhill Twp on land which became known as Ingram's Hill just south of Naceville PA.

Reportedly, Christina married Johann Gottfried Wilkin b. 1721 in Weiler, Duchy of Baden on 11/6/1746, probably at St. Michael's Zion Church in Philadelphia. And, Christina and Gottfried appear in subsequent church records in Philadelphia Co PA.

The family migrated in 9/1756 to what would become Shenandoah Co VA. Whether or not Christina lived to migrate with the family is not known. Christina's date of death is set before 1/1776 when her father wrote his will. [Wilkin Migration Map]

St. Michael's Zion Church, Philadelphia Co PA
Parents Child Sponsors
Mattheus Schutz
Anna Barbara


Gottfried Wilkin
Germantown Reformed Church, Philadelphia Co PA
Parents Child Sponsors
Johann Gottfried Wilkin
Henry John George Wilkin
Susannah Basler
Bucks Co PA Will Book 3 (1760-1778), p. 426:
John Emerick Nunnemacker of Rockhill, "Joiner."
January 16, 1776. Proved May 20, 1777.
Grandchildren, George, Mathias, Godfrey and Henry Wilkeel [Wilkin] and their two sisters.


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