Descendants of Thomas Newton of England

Union Flag of England and
Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #4

Alice (3Edward, 2Edward, 1Thomas) Newton of Maryland

Alice Newton was born in about 1723 in Dorchester Co MD. Speculation, not proof, leads to the belief that Alice was a daughter of Edward Newton.

In about 1747 in Dorchester Co MD, Alice married William Brannock b. c. 1719 Dorchester Co MD. If in fact Alice was the daughter of Edward Newton, then she married her stepbrother. Additional evidence comes from the 1742 marriage of brother William Newton with stepsister Esther Brannock. Considering the age, this would have been most reasonable.

William and Alice lived the remainder of their lives in Kent Co DE. Alice died sometime after 8/1774 when William wrote his will.

Kent Co DE Wills, arch. vol A5, pp. 149-150. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folio 156:
Brannock, William
, Will written Aug. 4, 1774. Mispillion Hd. Prob. Aug. 11, 1774.
Heirs: wife Alice; son William; daus. Elizabeth Brannock, Mary Abbet, Rachael Wilkinson.
Exec'rs: wife Alice & friend John Cox, son of Thomas.
Wits: Aron Wieyatt, William Wieyatt, Richard North.



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