Lewis Immigration to Virginia

Gen 1 Lewis ap David
b. c. 1510 d. aft 1564
+Siwan furch Rys b. c. 1520
Gen 2 James ap Lewis
b. c. 1540 d. 1599
+Elizabeth Stedman b. c. 1545
+Anne Wogan b. c. 1550
Gen 3 Richard "the Gamester" Lewis
b. 1581 Cardiganshire, Wales
+Unknown spouse
Not Related
John "the Immigrant" Lewis
(Grandfather of Councilor John Lewis)
b. 1594 d. 1657
Immigrated 1653 to York Co VA
(Uncle) Sir John Lewis, KBE
b. 1580 d. 1656
+Bridget Pryse b. c. 1582
Gen 4 James Lewis
b. c. 1605 d. Unknown
+Unknown spouse
Immigrant #2 1645 to York Co VA
(Uncle) Richard Lewis
b. 1609 d. 1669
+Frances LNU
Immigrant #1 1635 to Charles River Shire (now York Co) VA
(Cousin) Col. James Lewis
b. 1601 d. aft 1664
+Elsbeth Lloyd b. c. 1610
Gen 5 James Lewis
b. c. 1637 d. aft 8/1689
+Unknown spouse
Immigrated 1645 w/ family to York Co VA
(Brother) Edmund Lewis
b. c. 1635 d. 1662
+Unknown spouse
Immigrated 1645 w/ family to York Co VA
Not Related
Christopher Lewis
(Probable uncle of Zachary and Sarah Lewis)
b. 1644 d. 1694
Immigrated 1684 to New Kent Co VA
Gen 6 James Lewis
b. 1664 d. 1720
+Joanna Kilbee
Lived at Sunderland Creek, Middlesex Co VA
Not Related
Zachary Lewis I
b. 1673 d. 1719
+Mary Walker
Immigrated 1692 to King and Queen Co VA
Not Related
Sarah Lewis Shackelford
(Sister of Zachary I)
b. c. 1670 d. 1712
+Francis Shackelford 



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