Descendants of John Taverner of London, England

Union Flag of England and
Scotland (1606-1801)

Generation #4

Note: Information on the Taverner and Webb families is conjecture. To date there is no proof that the Taverner and Webb families intermarried. However, there was a familial relationship as proven by existing wills.

Ann (3John, 2John, 1John) Taverner of Virginia

Ann Taverner was born in about 1680 in Rappahannock (now Richmond) Co VA. Ann's name is derived partially from daughter Rachael Webb naming her first daughter Ann.

In about 1700 in Richmond Co VA, Ann married John Webb b. c. 1675 Rappahannock Co VA.

Ann may have died before 1729; as husband John did not list her in his 1729 Essex Co VA will.


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