The Zachary Lewis Family

Generation #4

Nicholas (3John, 2Zachary II, 1Zachary I, 0Research) Lewis of Spotsylvania Co VA

Nicholas Lewis was born 1748 in Spotsylvania Co VA. This date is found in two Bibles held by the Library of Virginia.

Nicholas is famous for being "lost" to history as cited by John Meriwether McAllister in his brilliant Genealogies of the Lewis and Kindred Families. And, I agree. But, the genealogy was published in 1906, and Nicholas really isn't lost. His cousin, Nicholas Hunter Lewis, was; but isn't anymore.

Imagine a man named Lewis who married a woman named Lewis. And if you're doing a Lewis Genealogy which includes both Lewis families, you have to include the same information twice. I do not fault McAllister; as his work was daunting. But, I found the error. 

Nicholas Lewis lived and died in Spotsylvania/ Louisa Co VA. His cousin, Nicholas Hunter Lewis migrated to what became Lincoln Co MO and is now well known. McAllister cites:

5. Ann Lewis [the mother], pp. 60-61:

6. Nicholas Lewis, son of Ann Lewis and her husband, John Lewis, and attorney of Spotsylvania, went west and all trace of him has been lost.

Our Nicholas Lewis is also cited in the same Lewis genealogy as:

3. John Lewis [the father], p. 137.

The third child, in order of age, of Zachary Lewis and Mary Waller, was born October 17, 1729, baptized by the Rev. Rodham Kenner, November 23, 1729, died September 12, 1780. Will dated Mary 31.1766. Codicil added 1776. Admitted to record October 19, 1780. He married Ann Lewis, daughter of Robert Lewis of Belvoir and his wife Jane Meriwether, and reference to his descendants will be found under the head of Robert Lewis of Belvoir. . . .

Mr. Lewis had only three sons, John Zachary, Robert and Nicholas. Charles Lewis who married Susan R. Waller and died in Lynchburg, Virginia, 1822, was not a son of this John Lewis. Nicholas Lewis, his son, married Ann Meriwether. Their children were: Eliza, James, Hunter, Susan, and Laura Lewis.

Research note: This list cites the children of Nicholas Hunter Lewis and his wife, Ann Terrell  Meriwether, and is also wrong. In the 1840 Lincoln Co MO Will of Nicholas Hunter Lewis, Nicholas left his house to his mother, Elizabeth Meriwether Lewis, and names his children as Ann Eliza, James H., Susan H., Lydia L., and Thomas Walker.

While Mr. Lewis does not mention any daughters, the records show, as explained on another page, that he had two daughters: Mary who married David Wood Meriwether, and Jane who married Zachary Meriwether.

    John Meriwether McAllister, Genealogies of the Lewis and Kindred Families, 1906 <> 3 April 2013.

Nicholas might have inherited land in Louisa Co from his father adjacent to Col. Robert Anderson. Perhaps, his children would have been brought up on those lands. Nicholas' mother, Anne Lewis, was the daughter of Robert "of Belvoir" and would have had properties of her own.

From the following records, we learn that Nicholas was married first to Mary and then to Elizabeth. And, we learn that Nicholas died before 10/1783 in Spotsylvania Co VA.

Will of John Lewis of Spotsylvania Co VA:LEWIS, John, St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania County,
d. May 31, 1766, Executor's Bond dated Oct 19, 1780.
son Nicholas Lewis, land which I purchased from the Hon. Philip Grymes and Benjamin Temple, with the mill built thereon and the tract of land I purchased of Thomas Graves and George Woodroof.
Spotsylvania Co VA Deed Book K:
Nicholas Lewis and his wife, Elizabeth, sold land in Spotsylvania Co. to Benjamin Waller on 19 Feb. 1782.
Will of Robert Lewis of Spotsylvania Co VA:
8/16/1783. Lewis, Robert late of Spotsylvania Co, dec'd, hiis only heir is Robert Lewis under 21 whose gdn. John Zachary Lewis, Gent.; the siblings of Robert Lewis are John Zachary Lewis, Nicholas Lewis, Zachary Meriwether and Jane his wife, and David Wood Meriwether and Mary his wife.
Spotsylvania Co VA Deed Book K:
23 Aug 1783. Nicholas Lewis and wife Elizabeth sold 500 acs of land on the Pamunkey River, Berkley Parish, Spotsylvania Co. that had been left him by John Lewis, his father, to William Blades.
Spotsylvania Co VA Will Book E:
14 Feb 1783. Nicholas Lewis left legacies to his wife Elizabeth, and sons Thomas M. Lewis and John Lewis.
Ex: Major Thomas Meriwether (poss. the father of Elizabeth and namesake of Nicholas' son Thomas M. Lewis) and Major Thomas Towles.
Probated 16 Oct 1783 in Spotsylvania Co.
11/26/1785. Lewis, John attn: of Spotsylvania Co, dec'd, his ex. John Z. Lewis, Robert Lewis, and Nicholas Lewis, will sell a tract of his land in Culpeper Co. containing about 1500 ac. and his son, John Zachary Lewis, both dec'd; their est. their accounts to be settled with the ex Joseph Brook of Spotsylvania Co.
Louisa Co Deed Bk G, p. 363:
Grantor: William Arnold and Judith his wife, Grantee: William Johnson, Date: 07-Sep-1793. William Arnold and Judith his wife of Spots. and George Lumsden and Elizabeth his wife of Louisa to William Johnson of Louisa 20 15s for tract in Louisa containing 88 1/2 acres being 1/2 of the land taken up by Chs. Smith and John Lewis dec'd. adj. Robert Anderson dec'd., Walter Goldsmith, Col. Robert Anderson.
Sig. William Arnold, Judith Arnold, Geo. Lumsden, Elisa. Lumsden. wit. W. Callis, Wm. Smith Jr. Rec. 9 Sep 1793.

    Children w/ Mary Allen

    1. Hannah Lewis

    2. Thomas M. Lewis b. c. 1775 Spotsylvania Co VA

    3. John Lewis b. c. 1778 Spotsylvania Co VA


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