Descendants of Zachary Lewis of
Brecknockshire, Wales

Generation #3

Rev. Iverson (2John, 1Zachary, 0Progenitor) Lewis of Lewisville Plantation

According to grandson, Rev. Iverson Lewis, Zachary I and family emigrated in 1692 to Colonial Virginia, settling south of the Rappahannock River in King & Queen Co VA (vic. Contra VA). Zachary I is first documented in 1694 when he patented land adjacent to Christopher Lewis. This Christopher was most probably a close cousin or even an uncle. And, there is evidence which connects to a sister, Sarah.

Zachary Lewis I was a noted lawyer in early Colonial Virginia. And, his sons and grandsons were also. Zachary built the family home, Lewisville, at the head of the Piankatank River on Dragon Swamp. Zachary died after 1739 and is buried in the family plot at the family home.

Contrary to custom, Zachary I left Lewisville to younger son John who married Sarah Iverson. From the 1894 Lewis Convention held at Bel-Air in Spotsylvania Co  VA, we learn that Zachary Lewis II left King & Queen county early, heading upriver to make his own fortune in the new lands of the west.

Rev. Iverson Lewis was born 3/4/1741 at Lewisville in King and Queen Co VA. And, Iverson is best known as a Baptist preacher. Rev. Iverson also married three times and had children in every marriage.

In about 1763, Iverson married Frances Armistead Bird b. 1744 King and Queen Co VA. Frances was the daughter of Robert Armistead Bird. And, Frances died before 1799.

In about 1779, Iverson married Martha Clopton b. 1758 Hanover Co VA. Martha was the daughter of George Clopton. And, Martha died in about 1787.

In about 1788, Iverson married Catherine Bird b. c. 1760 King and Queen Co VA, the niece of Francis Armistead Bird. Rev. Iverson died 1/5/1815 and is buried at Lewisville. And, Catherine is listed as Iverson's widow in subsequent tax lists.

There was a Robert Bird who was a gentleman justice in K&Q who in 1691 patented land "in the forks of a branch that runneth into Exoll's branch," and in 1696 was "lately deceased." He left sons Robert and William over 1,100 acres on the Dragon and his will names them as "joint heirs in residence" of the new "dwelling house thereon."
Codicil for the Will of Armistead Bird:
At a Court held for King and Queen County the 13th day of January 1772.
This will was presented in court by Robert Bird one of the executors therein named, who made oathe thereto according to law the same being proved by the oaths of Thomas Courtney and Iverson Lewis and the codicil thereto annexed being proved by the oaths of William and Christopher Lewis . . .
1814 Lewis, Iverson 356 acres in fork of Axle and Dragon, 9 miles NE of courthouse 
Ditto of Montague 3 acres in fork of Axle and Dragon, 9 miles NE 
Iverson Lewis 290 acres adj. Hill, Henry Young, H. Walker, Shackleford, Fox, 11 mi NW 
Bird, Barbara, 40 ac. adj. IVERSON LEWIS and Philip B. Pendleton, 8 m. NW 
1815 Lewis, Iverson Est. 356 acres in fork of Axle and Dragon, 9 miles NE 
Ditto of Montague 3 acres in fork of Axle and Dragon, 9 miles NE 
(List B) Lewis, Catherine, in fee, 56 adj. John Bagby, Jos. Edwards and Edmund Crouch, 8 mi NW 
Bird, William, Estate, 415 1/2 ac. adj. Iverson Lewis on Draygon 10 miles NE of Courthouse 
Bird, Barbara, 40 ac adj. CATHERINE LEWIS & Philip B. Pendleton, 8 miles NW 
Gardener, Anthony, 596 ac adj. Robert Garrett, Iverson Lewis, 9 miles NE 
ditto Axle land, 4 ac. adj. Iverson Lewis 
Smith, John Doctor Estate, 123 ac. adj. Iverson Lewis, 10 miles NE 

    Children w/ Frances Armistead Bird

    1. Ann Lewis

Note. We know a lot about the Rev. Iverson Lewis family from letters written by his grandson, Rev. Iverson Brookes of Aiken Co SC and Augusta GA.

Caswell Co NC Deed Book H, p. 395-396:
Thomas Brooks to Wm Holderness for 300 pounds, 300 Acres on Moon's Crk being tract Brooks purchased of Thos. Wilson & Wilson purch of Wm. Morris which said Morris purchase of the Earl of Granville 7 Jun 1761. 10 Feb 1794.

Caswell Co NC Deed Book L, p. 220-221:
Wm Holderness sold 200 acres of this same land back to Thomas Brookes for 500 pounds. 4 Mar 1798. Witnesses:
Jonathan Brookes, Ann Brookes. 

Caswell Co NC Deed Book R, p.401:
14 Oct 1816.
Jonathan and Geo Brooks witnessed deed of William Gillespie to Zachariah Groom for 30 acres on Country Line Crk adj Thomas Payne, Pendergrass, Rice old line. 
Caswell Co NC Deed Book X, p.112-114:
Apr & Oct of 1826.
Jonathan Brookes to son John ..569 acres adjacent Robert Holderness and Sally Brookes [widow of Charles], Watlington, Thomas Graves; and all personal property and chattels including 21 slaves.
Witnesses: Emanual, Paul, and Armistead Watlington. 
Jonathan Brookes Revolutionary War Record:
Enlisted Oct 1778 from Caswell County and served in Capt. George Moore's Co., Col. James Sanders' NC Regt.
Was transferred to Col. Archibald Lytle's Regt. in the battle of Brier Creek and discharged 10 Apr 1779.
Enlisted again in Oct 1780 and served 3 months in Capt. James Wilson's Co., Col. Moore's Regt. in pursuit of Tories.
Allowed pension 23 Oct 1832. Lived at that time in Guilford Co., NC. He was paid $37.77 annual allowance, but received only two payments.
The pension application refers to his birth record in a Bible in the hands of his nephew Robert Holderness.
From a Raleigh, NC newspaper of Friday 16 Aug 1833:
In Guilford County [NC], on the 25th ult., in the 70th year of her age, Mrs. Ann Brookes, consort of Jonathan Brookes, Esq.

    2. Dr. William Bird Lewis

Research note: Dr. William Bird Lewis did not marry Hannah Underwood as previously cited. Hannah Underwood married William Lewis s/o Joseph Lewis of Henrico Co VA.

    3. Frances Lewis

    4. Joanna Lewis

    5. Dr. John Lewis b. c. 1774 King and Queen Co VA

    Children w/ Martha Clopton

    6. Sarah Lewis

    7. Martha Lewis

    8. Dr. Zachary Lewis

Maria Louise Adelaide Miliote St. de la Croix Gernon Clopton, born at "Roslyn" New Kent County, Virginia.  She married Zachary Lewis, M.D., of Lewisville & Croton Abt. May 6, 1831 at Richmond City, Virginia, by Elder John Kerr.
Harris, Old New Kent County History, p. 229.

After the sale of the Lewisville estate, Dr. Zachary Lewis purchased the plantation near Mattapony Church called Croton.
Harris, Old New Kent County History, p. 513.

1843. Croton Female Seminary is established by Dr. Zachary Lewis. In 1858, the school is incorporated as Croton Female College with Dr. Lewis as president and his wife, Maria L. C. Lewis assisting in operating the school. The Civil War forces the school to close.

    Children w/ Catherine Bird

    9. Catherine Lewis b. c. 1789 King and Queen Co VA

    10. Mary Lewis


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