Adopted Descendants of George Weaver
of the Palatinate of the Rhine


Generation #5

Henry Clark (4Martin V., 3George, 2Michael, 1Hans George) Weaver

Descendants of Peter Fry
of the Palatinate of the Rhine

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C)

Generation #6

Henry Clark (5William, 4Henry, 3Peter, 2Johannes Peter, 1Peter) Fry

Henry Clark Fry was born 6/3/1877 in Licking Co OH. Unfortunately, his mother died shortly thereafter. For unknown reasons, Henry's father, William Fry, allowed the Weaver Family to adopt young Henry. With the adoption on 10/14/1878, Henry was renamed Henry Clark Weaver.

In about 1895, Henry married Lura Billman b. 1/20/1877 Licking Co OH. Shortly afterward, Henry and Lura migrated to Chicago IL where their son Edward was born. But, things were not well. And, Lura and Henry were separated and later divorced. Lura returned to Licking Co OH with her son Edward where they are enumerated with Lura's parents in the 1900 Licking Co OH Census. Lura would remarry shortly thereafter.

In about 1903, Henry married Lulu G. Edwards b. 6/18/1882 in Ohio. Henry and Lulu migrated to Sac Co IA where Henry worked for the railroad. But, Lulu died in 1911.

Henry migrated back to Licking Co OH where he continued to work for the railroad. He married Minnie Naomi Oldaker Hawkins, a widow with three children.

Henry was last found in the home of his daughter, Opal. He died 2/19/1953 in Licking Co OH and is buried in Eden Cemetery.

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Martin V. WEAVER   Self   M   Male   W   40   OH   Farmer   VA   VA 
 Emly A. WEAVER   Wife   M   Female   W   43   OH   Keeping House   VA   OH 
 Fidetia M. WEAVER   Dau   S   Female   W   15   OH   At School   OH   OH 
 Henry H. WEAVER   Son   S   Male   W   3   OH      OH   OH 
 Alonzo SLATER   Other   S   Male   W   28   VA   Farm Laborer   VA   VA 
Newark Advocate, Thursday, Sep 22, 1910
The Coffman reunion was held at Mr. Phillip Coffman's last Sunday. Those being present were; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Coffman. Mr. and Mrs. William O'Bannon. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Maharg. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Graves. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Coffman. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Coffman. Mr. and Mrs. George Vance. Mr. and Mrs. George Mahard. Mr. and Mrs. Low Haltz. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Coffman. Mr. David Hall. Mr. and Mrs. John Westbrook. Miss Rose Terman. Emery Vanechester. Indus Vance. Willie Maharg. Harry, Irwin, Emma, Johnnie Maharg. Martha Coffman. Lester, Daisy, Roxie, Ruth, Cary, Wylie Coffman. Mr. Frank Shanks, and Mr. Clark Weaver.
1910 Sac Co IA Census
HN  FN  Last    First   Age  Sex  Occup.      POB
110 110 Weaver  Henry   29   M    RR Engineer Ohio
                Lula G  24   F                "
                Harold   5   M                "
                Opal     4   F                "
1920 Licking Co OH Census, Newark Twp
HN  FN  Last    First    Age  Sex  Occup.         POB
134 141 Weaver  Henry C  43   M    Carpenter B&O  Ohio
                Minnie   42   F                   "
        Hawkins Mary     18   F                   "
                Naomi    16   F                   "

Utica Herald, Utica Ohio

Mrs. Emily Weaver, relict of Martin Weaver, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Dillie Porter at St. Louisville last Thursday, after a years illness. She was 86 years of age. She is survived by her daughter, an adopted son Henry Fry Weaver, and a brother Hiram McConnell.
Rev. Dunmire conducted funeral services Saturday in the Lutheran Church [of] St. Louisville and burial was [at] Vanatta.

    Children w/ Lura Billman

    1. Edward Clark Weaver b. 9/26/1896 Chicago, Cook Co IL

    Children w/ Lulu G. Edwards

    2. Harold Weaver

    3. Opal Weaver

Weaver Generation #6/Fry Generation #7


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