Adopted Descendants of
George Weaver
of the Palatinate of the Rhine


Generation #6

Edward Clark (5Henry Clark, 4Martin V., 3George, 2Michael, 1Hans George) Weaver, Sr.

Descendants of Peter Fry
of the Palatinate of the Rhine

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C)

Generation #7

Edward Clark Weaver, Sr. (6Henry Weaver, 5William, 4Henry, 3Peter, 2Johannes Peter, 1Peter) Fry

Edward Clark Weaver, Sr. was born 9/26/1896 in Chicago IL. Edward is first found enumerated with his mother at the home of his grandparents in the 1900 Licking Co OH Census.

In about 1902, Edward's mother, Lura, married Charles Warthen, a local farmer. Edward grew up in the Warthen household with his younger step brothers and sisters where he was enumerated in the 1910 Census. And, he worked in the neighboring factories.

Edward left home in about 1915 to find his way in the world. Along the way, he graduated from Cedarville College with a degree in chemistry. Edward registered in 1917 in Licking Co OH for the draft, but subsequently enlisted in the US Army in 1918 while visiting New York City. As a farm boy, serving in a unit of city boys, Edward was responsible for the supply train pack animals. Edward served with the 76th Field Artillery Regiment of the 3rd Infantry Division during the Battle of the Marne and was honorably discharged in 1919 from Camp Pike, Arkansas.

Returning to Ohio after discharge from the Army, Edward worked for the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company of Akron Ohio and is found in the 1920 Summit Co OH Census. Seeking other employment, Edward migrated down the Mississippi to New Orleans LA and lived with his aunt, Hattie Billman Coffman. In about 1922, Edward went to work at the Esso (Exxon) refinery in Baton Rouge LA, eventually rising to the position of research chemist. While at the refinery, Edward was given the nickname, "Doc."

The story is that "Doc" played in a Jazz band. And during a performance, he met a blonde named Dolly. Hearing that their sister was seeing a Yankee, several of her brothers arranged for "Doc" to play a gig out in the country. When "Doc" arrived for the gig, the several brothers beat him severely. Not being deterred, "Doc" kept seeing Dolly Cornelia Wilkinson b. 3/22/1905 Franklin Co MS. They were married 11/28/1923 in Baton Rouge LA.

"Doc" Weaver retired from the refinery after working for 39 years. "Doc" and Dolly were married for over 50 years. Doc died at home in May of 1974 and is buried at Roselawn Cemetery, Baton Rouge LA.

1920 Federal Census: Summit County, Ohio
FM   Last    First      Rel     Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
314  Hunt    Lafayette  Head    M    39   PA   PA   PA   Rubber Co
     Weaver  Edward     Roomer  M    23   OH   OH   OH   Rubber Co
1930 East Baton Rouge Parrish, Louisiana, Census
FM   Last       First        Rel   Sex  Age  POB  POB  POB  OCCUP
363  Weaver     Edward       Head  M    33   IL   OH   OH   Chemist
                Dolly        Wife  F    25   MS   MS   MS
                Edward, Jr.  Son   M     5   LA   IL   MS
                Lura         Dau   F     2   LA   IL   MS
     Wilkinson  Brannoc      Br/L  M    23   MS   MS   MS
                Bernice      Sr/L  F    23   MS   MS   MS


    1. Edward Clark Weaver, Jr.

    2. Lura Weaver

    3. Joanne Weaver

    4. June Elizabeth Weaver b. in Louisiana

    5. Maryjane Weaver

Weaver Generation #7/Fry Generation #8


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