Descendants of William Case of South Carolina


Generation #6

William M. (5Thomas III., 4Thomas II, 3Thomas I., 2Isaac, 1William) Case of Franklin Co MS

William M. Case was born 6/1824 in Lawrence Co MS. And, portions of the extended family moved west to Franklin Co where on 2/22/1846, William married his cousin's cousin, Mary Lenora Smith b. 1831 in Franklin Co MS.

In the 1850 Franklin Co MS Census, we find William and Mary Lenora living next-door to their extended family, the Cases and Minyards. But, Mary Lenora died 3/1864 in childbirth with her namesake, Mary Lenora Case.

The Civil War - First Enlistment

After war broke out, the State of Mississippi organized several regiments of State Troops who were envisioned as a Civil War version of the Revolutionary War's Minute Men for the State of Mississippi. Men who may not have qualified for service in regular Confederate regiments--over the age of 35--enrolled in their local company and attended drill. And when the need arose, the Regiment would be assembled.

#16. Pvt. Gilbert Luther Case, Co. B, 2nd (Quinn's) MS Infantry (State Troops).  Discharged for disability July 27, 1862.
[Discovered July 18, 2013. Husband of Barbara Jane Case, daughter of Grandfather Hiram Case. Gilbert was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Minyard Case.]

Research Note: Gilbert Luther Case was the brother of William Case. As Gilbert Luther enlisted in Co B, Quinn's 2nd Miss Infantry (State Troops) out of Lawrence Co MS, reasonable conjecture leads to the belief that the William Case, who enlisted out of Franklin Co MS into the same regiment per the NARA database, is my William Case.

    "A History of the Seven Stars Artillery," Gainesville Volunteers, Sons of Confederate Veterans <> 30 May 2015.

William Case (aged 37) enlisted 7/14/1862 as the Senior Corporal in Co E, Quinn's 2nd Miss Infantry (State Troops), CSA. This was in response to new Confederate legislation for organization of Mississippi State Reserves. Persons 17 to 18 and 35 to 45 were assigned to regiments known as State Troops. But, we know that Grandpa Simeon Thomas Lewis' sons, aged 15 and 17, were veterans by the time of the Siege of Vicksburg.

Grandpa William attended the many musters with Co E, but never deployed with the Quinn's 2nd Miss Infantry (State Troops) [MST] to combat. And, the last known roster for Co E, 2nd MST was on 9/4/1862. The 3rd and 5th MST were deployed to Vicksburg, fought in the battles outside of Vicksburg and were eventually locked inside the fortified city during the siege. Where was the 2nd MST?

The dearth of records would indicate that the citizen-soldiers of the 2nd MST were just sitting on their hands while the Confederate Army was fighting at Vicksburg. However, the few known facts indicate that individual companies of the 2nd MST periodically mustered and deployed in support of the Confederate war effort, only to be released to their homes with weapons in hand, literally to defend the home-front as the Union Army of the Tennessee swept back and forth across Mississippi.

On 7/27/1864 in Franklin Co MS, William married Mary Jane Lambright Burke, widow of PVT Thomas W. Burke, CSA. Note, this is four years before the marriage of William's son, Perry J., to Mary Jane's daughter, Margaret.

In August of 1864, Grandpa William wound up back in the Confederate Army along with his friends and neighbors.

Research Note per Rowland's History:
-In February 1864, the Confederate Congress increased the age of eligibility for mandatory military service for every white male to 17 through 50.
-In August 1864, Mississippi Governor Clark called out the Militia in response to an urgent request from MG Maury at Mobile. Previous exemptions were cancelled. And, active conscription was intensified.

    Rowland, Dunbar, ed., "Encyclopedia of Mississippi History, p. 139" 1907 <> 1 June 2015.

The Civil War - Second Enlistment

Previously, it was thought that Grandpa William was discharged in 6/1864 when he turned 40. However with the 2/1864 changes to the laws regulating compulsory military service, he would have been enlisted for an indefinite period. Of note, soldiers detained on active service were afforded a 60 day furlough when possible. Whatever the circumstances, William Case age 40 chose to enlist as a Sergeant and serve with his friends and neighbors in Co E, 24th Battalion Miss Cavalry, CSA.

In February of 1864, the Seven Stars Artillery was reorganized as Moorman's Battalion (Mississippi Cavalry), later to be designated as the 24th Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry with LTC George Moorman as commander and Major Calvitt Roberts as adjutant. How does an Artillery Battery become a Cavalry Company? They turn in their cannons and draw rifles while keeping the draft horses which previously pulled the cannons. And throughout Spring and Summer of 1864 the Battalion gained recruits, including Grandpa William, who were  attracted to a unit with a proven history of, if not success, perhaps merely survival.

The 24th BN, Miss Cavalry served with Col. Wood's Cavalry Brigade, BG Wirt Adams' Cavalry Division, under MG Franklin Gardner, District of Mississippi and East Louisiana. The unit rode back and forth from the Federal Vicksburg perimeter at Big Black River to the Confederate railhead at Meridian. In early 1865 when Federal forces threatened Mobile from the sea and central Alabama from the north, the 24th Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry was assigned to LTG Nathan Bedford Forrest's Cavalry Corps and fought in Alabama. The last record for Grandpa William is on 5/12/1865 after LTG Forrest surrendered and the entire Corps was paroled at Gainesville AL.

William and Mary Jane lived their lives in Franklin Co MS, raising his children, her children, and their children. But, Mary died sometime after 1880 in Franklin Co MS. After Mary's death, William moved into his son Allen's household in Natchez. William died 7/1900 and is buried in Natchez City Cemetery.

Franklin Co MS Marriages: 1846
CASE, William; SMITH, Mary 1846 February, 22
1850 Census: Mississippi, Franklin County
Date: 9/9/1850
LN  FN    Last  First     Age  Occup   Birth
115  115  Case  William   28   Farmer  Miss
                Mary      21           Miss
                Missouri   3           Miss
                Perry     4/12         Miss
1860 Federal Census: Franklin County, Mississippi
527  518 Case  William   35  M    Farmer     Miss
               Mary      29  F    Domestic   Miss
               Missouri  12  F               Miss
               Perry     11  M               Miss
               Francis   7   F               Miss
               Allen     6   M               Miss
               Martin    4   M               Miss
               Warren    1   M               Miss
William Case (First_ Last)
Regiment Name
2nd Regiment (Quinn's), Miss Infantry (State Troops)
Side Confederate
Company B, [not] E
Soldier's Rank_In Corporal
Soldier's Rank_Out Corporal

Franklin Co MS Marriages: 1864
CASE, William; BURKE, Jane 1864 July, 27 

William Case (First_ Last)
Regiment Name 24 Battalion Mississippi Cavalry
Side Confederate
Company [not] B, [was] E
Soldier's Rank_In Sergeant (?)
Soldier's Rank_Out Private (?)
1870 Federal Census, Lincoln County, Mississippi
36  37  Case   Wm. M.    45  M  W   Farmer      Miss
               M. J.     40  F  W   Keeping H.  Miss
               P. J.     20  M  W   Works Farm  Miss
               M. S.     18  F  W   At Home     Miss
               F. A.     18  F  W               Miss
               Allen     15  M  W               Miss
               Martin    13  M  W               Miss
               Warren    11  M  W               Miss
               Saphronia  9  F  W               Miss
               Mary L.    7  F  W               Miss
        Burke  M. D.     16  F  W   At Home     Miss
        Case   R. A.      4  M  W               Miss
               Isaac C.   2  M  W               Miss
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
W. M. CASE   Self   M   Male   W   57   MS   Farmer   VA   VA 
M. J. CASE   Wife   M   Female   W   58   MS   Keeping House   ---   --- 
Sophronia CASE   Dau   S   Female   W   18   MS      VA   MS 
M. L. CASE   Dau   S   Female   W   17   MS      VA   MS 
Rufus CASE   Son   S   Male   W   15   MS      VA   MS 
Charley CASE   Son   S   Male   W   12   MS      VA   MS 
Eudora CASE   Dau   S   Female   W   9   MS      VA   MS 
T. M. BURKE   Other   S   Male   W   21   MS      IRE   MS 
Roberta BURKE   Other   S   Female   W   19   MS      IRE   MS 
1900 Federal Census, Adams County, Mississippi
172     Case   Allen     12/1858  M    Miss
               Catherine 04/1857  F    Miss
               William   01/1823  M    Miss

    Children with Mary Lenora Smith

    Note: Sons Perry and Allen married their step-sisters, Margaret and Catherine Burke. And, other children married their cousins.

    1. Missouri A. Case

1900 Federal Census, Lincoln County, Mississippi
        Smith  William           M   
               Mary M.   3/1876  F
        Smith  Missouri  4/1846  F                MS
1910 Federal Census, Lincoln County, Mississippi
        Smith  Missouri  66  F                MS
1910 Federal Census, Lincoln County, Mississippi
        Stomas Rupert        M
               Frances       F
        Smith  Missouri      F                MS

    2. Perry J. Case b. 3/1850 Franklin Co MS

    3. Francis Case b. 1853 Franklin Co MS

    4. Allen John Case

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Allen CASE   Self   M   Male   W   25   MS   Farmer   MS   MS 
 Catherine CASE   Wife   M   Female   W   23   MS   Keeping House   MS   MS 
1900 Federal Census, Adams County, Mississippi
        Smith  Allen     (1854)  M    Miss
               William   (1824)  M    Miss
Natchez City Cemetery
Allen J Case,  Dec. 2, 1856; Oct. 11, 1940, (6) Catholic Hill
Katherine Case, Apr. 9, 1858; Jan. 29, 1929, (6) Catholic Hill

    5. Martin Van Buren Case

Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Martin V. CASE   Self   M   Male   W   23   MS   Farmer   MS   MS 
 Malissa N. CASE   Other   M   Female   W   17   MS   Keeping House   MS   MS 

    6. Warren W. Case

Franklin Co MS Marriages: 1879
CASE, Warren; DUNN, Minerva 1879 January, 19 
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Warren CASE   Self   M   Male   W   21   MS   Farmer   MS   MS 
 Minerva CASE   Wife   M   Female   W   20   MS   Keeping House   MS   MS 

    7. Safronia Case

    8. Mary Lenora Case

    Children with Mary Jane Lambright Burke

    9. Rufus Case

    10. Charles Case

Franklin Co MS Marriages: 1888
CASE, Charley; CALCOTE, Laura 1888 January, 05 

    11. Eudora Case

Generation #7


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