1. Mission:

To present information about me, the author, and provide a platform for genealogical discussion of the many families I am related to and their allied families and associates. And, to provide narratives and historical vignettes which hopefully shed light on the historical times in which those wonderful folks lived.

2. Scope:

This website was originally designed as an example of Educational Technology during my college experience at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. Subsequent additions included examples of work from my many college courses and information about my military career.

While attending St. Ambrose, I pursued a major in History and a second major in Secondary Education. To fulfill one of my many credits in History, I took an American Immigration class (HIST 315). And, one class requirement was a genealogy project. I always knew I loved historical research, including biographies and timelines. What I didn't know was that I would come to love genealogy.

Although not originally intended, over time, genealogical research became the main focus. Of course you can understand that "the search" became an all consuming passion. And, that passion resulted in this genealogy website which consists of nearly 600 individual pages not including the non-genealogical sections.

I decided to limit the scope of my research to reduce the file-size required to host an internet website. This newest version of the webpage is limited to information on direct ancestors, their descendants, siblings of descendants, and the many families who are related to me by y DNA. However, there are many exceptions for persons I find interesting or important to the research.

Lewis Surname Research:

This webpage focuses on the many Lewis families who immigrated from England and Wales to Northern Virginia during the era of Cavaliers and Pioneers c. 1650. There are many well researched books on many of these families; but not all. My task is to separate out the many records for the Lewis families of Northern Virginia in an attempt to find my Lewis Family.

The following Lewis families, who I am currently researching, have descendants who have submitted yDNA samples at FamilyTreeDNA and are not matches to me:

1. Planter John Lewis of Albemarle Co VA #12489

2. John Lewis of Northumberland Co VA #11155

3. David Lewis of Hanover Co VA #159064

4. Councilor John Lewis of New Kent Co VA #44100

5. Henry Lewis of Culpeper Co VA #42224

6. Irish John Lewis of Donegal, Ireland & Augusta Co VA #36797

7. Zachary Lewis II of Spotsylvania Co VA #309884

The following Lewis families, who I am currently researching, have descendants who have submitted yDNA samples at FamilyTreeDNA and are matches to me:

1. Me. Walden Lewis of Spotsylvania Co VA #49497

2. John Lewis of Franklin Co KY #232573

3. John Lewis of Caroline Co VA #26660

4. James Lewis of Louisa Co VA #22948

5. William Young of Page Co VA from Other Project

6. Joseph Lewis of Caroline Co VA #230494

7. James Lewis of Lincoln Co MO #252469

8. Edmund Lewis of Person Co NC #219831

9. Yelverton Lewis of Woodford Co KY #39239

Oh! And, what's the story about the Lewis family crest? You'll find out later.

Using this website:

The Caveat I provide at the bottom of each genealogy page states, "This site is provided for reference only. Except where specifically cited, information contained is conjecture and should not be considered as fact." Literally, what you will find is my opinion based on information currently at hand.

So, here are the rules for accessing this webpage:

1. Fell free to copy any and all information you find.
2. If you have additional records or a sincere difference of opinion, please feel free to contact me; as comments, contributions, and criticisms are greatly appreciated.
2. But should you intend to publish in print or to any webpage, please provide the appropriate citation.

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Charles E. Lewis
Davenport IA