Adopted Descendants of
George Weaver
of the Palatinate of the Rhine


Generation #7

June Elizabeth (6Edward Clark, 5Henry Clark, 4Martin V., 3George, 2Michael, 1Hans George) Weaver

Descendants of Peter Fry
of the Palatinate of the Rhine

Palatinate of the Rhine (14th - 18th C)

Generation #8

June Elizabeth Weaver (7Edward Weaver, 6Henry Weaver, 5William, 4Henry, 3Peter, 2Johannes Peter, 1Peter) Fry

June Weaver was born in Louisiana. In Louisiana, she married Arnold D. Lewis b. in Mississippi. After their divorce, she attended LSU where she attained at teaching degree. And, she taught elementary school.

Later, June married Bruno Heinz Molenaar b. Dordrecht, Netherlands. June and Bruno retired to their home in Florida.


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