The Lineage of Tribe of Lewis

Through the appearance of individual markers on the human genome, our ancestor's path out of Africa, into southwest Asia, and across to Western Europe has been proven. Having matched geographic locations to the donors to the SNP markers found and adding dates from ancient archaeological periods and the evolution of the Indo-European language, we can approximate when and where our ancestors were on the timeline of human history. With the advent of writing and thus History, we can name the 62 (15 + 22 + 14 + 11) generations of this family from pre-Roman Britain to the present. [Lewis Origins]

I. The 15 generations of the Ancient Lineage of the Tribe of Lewis

The Ancient Lineage of the Tribe of Lewis

1. The Ancient Ancestor:
Beli Mawr2 (the Great)
c. 130 BCE
Heli/ Beli Mawr (the Great) Reigned for 40 yrs.
- Beli Mawr is claimed as the founder of the Deisi, later rulers of the kingdom of Dyfed, and also of the Silures.
-His eldest son, Aballac, is claimed as the ancestor of Coel Hen, of the fourth century 'Kingdom of Northern Britain'
-His second child, daughter Lweriadd, marries Llyr Lleddiarth, who is claimed as the founder of Gwent.
-Another of his children as claimed by tradition is Cassivellaunus, the mid-first century BC high king who fights against Julius Caesar's expeditions.
2. Aballac/ Affleth/ Lludd3 c. 100 BCE 2. Llyr Lleddiarth of Gwent
Lweriadd d/o Beli Mawr
2. Cassivellaunus
3. Afallach c. 70 BCE

Tribe of Cunedda

Tribe of Lewis

Tribe of Vortigern

Tribe of Cadell

4. Owain c. 40 BCE 4. Enddolen c. 35 BCE
5. Bryddgwyn  c. 10 BCE 5. Endos c. 05 BCE
6. Dubun c. 20 CE 6. Eneid c. 25 CE    
7. Onwedd c. 50 CE 7. Endeyrn c. 60 CE    
8. Anwerydd c. 80 CE 8. Endigant c. 90 CE    
9. Amgolydd c. 110 CE 9. Rydeyrn c. 120 CE 9. Deheuwant c. 125 CE  
10. Dwfyn c. 140 CE 10. Rhifedel c. 155 CE 10. Rydeyrn c. 155 CE  
11. Doli c. 170 CE 11. Grad c. 185 11. Gwrtheyrn c. 185 CE  
12. Cein c. 205 CE 12. Urban c. 215 12. Cadeyrn c. 220 CE  
13. Gwyndog c. 235 CE 13. Telpwll c. 250 13 Rhuddfedel Frych c. 250 CE  
14. Iago c. 265 CE 14. Deheuwaint c. 280 14. Gloyw Gwallt Hir c. 280 CE 14. Brydw c. 285 CE
15. Teged c. 295 CE 15 Tecfan c. 310 15. Guidolyn c. 315 CE 15. Pasgen c. 315 CE
16. Padarn Beisrudd c. 325 CE Skipped generation4 16. Gwydol c. 350 CE 16. Cadeyrn c. 350
17. Edern c. 355 CE to Coel Hen5 c. 350 - 420 CE 17. Gwrtheyrn/ Vortigern c. 385 CE 17. Cadell c. 380
18. Cunedda c. 385 CE
+Gwawl furch Coel Hen
1. Digueillus, purported father of Beli Mawr (the Great).
2. Beli Mawr (the Great), purported forefather of Coel Hen and the pre-historic tribes of Wales.
Aballac and Affleth. Are these two different names for the same person?
4. Coel Hen was of the generation who assumed the reigns of government at the end of Roman Britain. Coel Hen fought with Vortigern against the Barbarians of the North. He was the father-in-law of Cunedda, first King of Gwyned.
5. Coel Hen c. 350 - 420 CE, Cornelius Dux Brittanarum (Duke of the Bretons); High King after Magnus Maximus. First King of Northern Britain.

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II. The 22 generations of the Post-Roman Lineage of the Tribe of Lewis

The Post-Roman Lineage of the Tribe of Lewis

1. Coel Hen2 c. 350 - 420 CE
Cornelius Dux Brittanarum, (Duke of the Bretons)
2. Ceneu ap Coel2 b. 450 Cunedda3 
+Gwawl furch Coel Hen
3. Maeswig Gloff/ Mar ap Ceneu4 Ceredig  
4. Arthwys ap Mar b. 529 Others down to Owain Gwynedd
5. Cynfelyn ap Arthwys    
6. Cynwyd Cynwydion    
7. Cadrod (of) Calchfynydd5  

The House of Tudor

8. Yspwys of Moel Ysbiddon6   8. Yspwys of Moel Ysbiddon
9. Yspwys Mwyntyrch   9. Yspwys Mwyntyrch
10. Unhwch Unarchen   10. Mynan ap Yspwys
11. Maeldaf Hynaf of Moel Esgidton (Ysbiddon)   11. Mor ap Mynan
12. Heuan   12. Elfyw ap Mor
13. Kynvan   13. Cynan ap Elfyw, Lord of Clwyd
14. Morgynhor   14. Marchudd of the 8th Noble Tribe, Lord of Rhos
15. Rynn   Others down to the House of Tudor
16. Kedyvor (Cadivor)  
17. Kenurth (Cynarth)  
18. Kyndelu  

House of Elystan Glodrudd

19. Morud   Elystan Glodrudd of the 5th Royal Tribe
20. Bleydud (Bleddyn Tudor) Cadwgan
21. Mael Owain Gwynedd Llewelyn of Buellt (d. 1099)
+Elen d/o Rhys ab Aaron of Llangathen
22. Pyradwen/ Bradwen/ Bratwen Cynan, Lord of Meirionnydd3; d. 1174;
bastard son of Owain Gwynedd
Gwrgeneu of Llangathen

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<> 21 May 2019.

III. The 14 Generations of the Early-Modern Lineage of the House of Lewis

The Early-Modern Lineage of Tribe of Lewis

House of Lewis


House of Elystan Glodrudd

    Elystan Glodrudd of the 5th Royal Tribe
  Owain Gwynedd Llewelyn of Buellt (d. 1099)
+Elen d/o Rhys ab Aaron of Llangathen
  Cynan, Lord of Meirionnydd3; d. 1174;
bastard son of Owain Gwynedd
Gwrgeneu of Llangathen
1. Ednowain ap Pyradwen4 un o'r 15 Llwyth
(of the 15th Tribe)
Marged d/o
Gynan ab Owain Gwynedd
Gwrgeneu Fychan
2. Tudor ap Ednowain7   Elidyr Goch
3. Llewelyn (Senior) Elen d/o Gronwy ap Einion ap Seyssyll8 Elidyr Fychan
4. Llewelyn vychan (Junior) Lleuky d/o Llewelyn ap Einion ap Klynin off (from) Llwydiarth (Powys) Gronwy Goch Lord of Llangathen b. c. 1240
1281 Constable or Dryslwyn Castle
d. aft 1307
5. Llewelyn Dal Rain of Ddeheubarth9 Soned d/o Gwilym ap
Seyssyll L of Abernant Bychan10
ai pais val Kaplan
Gruffydd of Cethinog (1309 - 1340)
6. David Lloyd ap Llewelyn, Esq. Marged d/o Jankyn ap Rydderch ap David o'r Park David of Llangathen
7. MeredyddX Jan d/o William ap Howel ap Llewelyn ap Rys chwith o GeredigionA David Thomas
8. David Sioned ag aeras Ierwerth ap Rydderch ap Rys chwith Esgwier (Esq,) Howel
9. Meredydd Ethliw d/o Rys ap Meredydd ap Rys, Esq o Lyn Aeron o Dewdwr Sion
10. David ap Meredydd ap David, EsqB Eva d/o Rys ap Howel ap Rys ap David ap Howel vychan (Junior) ap Rys voel (Senior) Rys
11. Lewys ap Dafydd ap Meredydd of Abernant Bychan, Esq.D

He married Joan daughter of Rhys ap John ap Howel of Gernos in Llangynllo, by Elen daughter of Sir James ab Owen of Pentre Ifan in Nevern, Pembrokeshire.

Siwan (Joan) d/o Rys ap Sion ap Howel ap David Thomas ap David ap Gruff ap Gronwy Goch
12. James Lewys, Esq., d. 1599 + 1) Elizabeth Stedman
+ 2) Ann d/o John Wogan, Esq of Gastell Gwys
13. Sir John Lewis, Knight
3/20/1615 purchased Coedmor from Rowland Mortimer.
Bridgett d/o Sir Richard Pryse of Gogerddan
by Gwen d/o Thomas ap Rys ap Moros of Aberbechan, Esq.E
James Lewis of Gellidywyll, Carmarthenshire
First son of James Lewis, Esq.
A Ceredigion family South of the Teifi
14. Col James Lewis +Mary d/o of John Wogan of Wiston Richard Lewis s/o Sir John Lewis to Virginia
*James Lewes of Coedmor
*Jane d/o Col James Lewis
+Thomas Lewis of Llysnewydd d. 2/1672
+Thomas Lloyd

        IV. The 11 Generations of the Lewis Family in America

The Lewis Family of America




1. Edmund Lewis "the Immigrant" to Virginia Unknown  
2. James Lewis of Middlesex Co VA Joanna Kilbee  
3. James Lewis of Caroline Co VA Elizabeth Long  
4. William Lewis of Fredericksburg VA Sarah Branham  
5. John Lewis of Fredericksburg VA Mary Sparks  
6. Walden Lewis of VA & GA & MS Unknown; Polly Moseley  
7. Simeon Thomas Lewis of Jasper Co MS Lydia Frances Hutto  
8. Willis Bonaparte Lewis of Jasper Co MS Mary Jane McPhearson  
9. Bernis Bonaparte Lewis of Jasper Co MS Tommie Lenora Campbell  
10. Arnold David Lewis of Conroe TX June Weaver  
11. Charles Edward Lewis of Davenport IA Rosanne Mullin  

[Lewis Origins]


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