Special Features

1.    DNA Testing: The Lewis Surname DNA Project

2.    My Migrations Book: The Red-Headed Tribe

a. Vignettes:

    a. Rise of the Celts

    b. Hispania and Gallaecia

    c. The Gaels

    d. Celtic Britain

    e. Roman Britain and the Aftermath

    f. The Old North

    g. Lewis Family Origins

b. Sources:

    a. The Lineage of the Lewis Family

    b. Proofs

    c. Evolution of SNP R-DF27

       * Evolution of mt Haplogroup H1bb

    d. Evolution of the Indo-European Language

    e. Kingdoms of Ireland

    f. Kingdoms of Wales

    g. Kingdoms of Britain

    h. Excerpts from the Antiquarian Journals of Wales

3.    Double Dates: Julian vs. Gregorian Calendars

4.    Origins of Names: Occupations

5.    The Mexican-American War (1846 to 1848)

6.    The Glorious Cause (1861 to 1865)

This is not a comprehensive history of the Civil War but an account of how the war affected my family.

a. Some Causes of the War

b. Select Campaigns of the Civil War in the Western Theater

c. Aftermath

7.    My Confederate Roots: The 7 Confederate Veterans from whom I descend

8.    Confederate Cemetery, Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island IL


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