Campbell Family Surnames

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(4) Campbell James Campbell 6/1767 aboard the Nancy to Charleston SC Ulster, Ireland
------(7) Unknown Hope ???   South Carolina
----(6) Mason Unknown   Virginia
--------(8) Turner Unknown Virginia
----------(9) Unknown Elinor ??? Virginia
------(7) Unknown Rachael ???   North Carolina
--(5) Sammons Unknown   Virginia
----(6) Mitchell Unknown   South Carolina
(4) Lee John Lee Before 1694 to Nansemond Co VA  Liecaster, England
--------(8) Woodard Unknown Virginia
------(7) Farmer Unknown Virginia
----(6) Shay Unknown   South Carolina
--(5) West Dr. John West Before 9/1810 to Georgia Ireland
----(6) Overstreet Unknown Virginia
--------(8) Braswell/Bracewell Robert Bracewell Before 4/1650 to Isle of Wight Co VA England
--------------(11) Burgess John Burgess Before 1630 to Isle of Wight Co VA England
----------------(12) Wyatt George Wyatt c. 1630 to Isle of Wight Co VA England
------------(10) Bryant Elizabeth ???     
----------(9) Kindred Richard Kindred Before 1635 to James City VA England
----------------(12) Knight Unknown   Virginia
--------------(11) Hunnicutt Unknown   Virginia
------------(10) Edwards Unknown   Virginia
--------------(11) Harrison Sarah ???   Virginia
------(7) Carr Catherine ???   Georgia



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