Wilkinson Family Surnames

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(4) Wilkinson Samuel Wilkinson Before 12/1737 w/ family to Chester Co PA County Antrim, Ireland
--------(8) Elleman John Elleman Before 1724 to Chester Co PA England
----------(9) John Thomas John c. 1709 to Chester Co PA Pembrokeshire, Wales
------(7) Brannock Edmond Brannock 1666 to the Eastern  Shore of Maryland England
------------(10) Roche Alexander Roche Before. 2/1663 to the Eastern Shore of Maryland England
--------(8) Newton Thomas Newton Before. 2/1666 to the Eastern Shore of Maryland England
----------(9) Willis Richard Willis c. 1666 to the Eastern Shore of Maryland England
----(6) Slaughter John Slaughter Virginia
------(7) Crosthwait William Crosthwait c. 1720 to Philadelphia PA Lincoln County, England
--------(8) Taylor Virginia
----------(9) Unknown
--(5) Dunn Unknown   South Carolina
----(6) Unknown      
(4) Case Unknown   New England
----------(9) Williamson Unknown South Carolina
--------(8) Tannehill William Tanneyhill 1663 to Maryland Scotland
------(7) Minyard Unknown   North Carolina
----(6) Smith Unknown   North Carolina
--------(8) Unknown Unknown   Virginia
----------(9) Unknown Unknown  
------(7) Jackson Unknown   North Carolina
--------(8) Brantley Unknown   North Carolina
--(5) Burke Thomas W. Burke Before 1850 to New Orleans LA County Mayo, Ireland
------(7) Unknown     County Mayo, Ireland
----(6) Lambright Nicholas Lambrecht Before 1762 to Caroline Co VA Flanders,
Spanish Netherlands
--------(8) Schuler Unknown Virginia
------(7) Ferrill Unknown   Mississippi



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