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Lewis Family Research  
(4) Lewis James Lewis 1645 to York Co VA Cardiganshire, Wales
------------(10) Kilbee Christopher Kilbee c. 1663 to Lancaster Co VA Hertford County, England
----------(9) Long Richard Long

Before 11/1653 to Gloucester Co VA

Wiltshire, England
--------(8) Branham Richard Branham Before 10/1665 to 
(Old) Rappahannock Co VA
West Riding, Yorkshire, England
------------(10) Haslock George Haslock Before 9/1660 to 
(Old) Rappahannock Co VA
London, England
----------(9) Greene Dad Greene Before 1654 to
(Old) Rappahannock Co VA
--------------(11) Hobbs Richard Hobbs Before 1665 to 
(Old) Rappahannock Co VA
----------------(12) Meador Ambrose Meador 5/1636 to Jamestown Colony England
------------(10) Taverner John Taverner Before 1650 to Northumberland Co VA London, England
--------------(11) Taylor Thomas Taylor 1650 to Charles City Co VA Suffolkshire, England
------(7) Sparks James Sparks Before 1700 to Spotsylvania Co VA England
--------(8) Willis Francis Willis Before 1689 to Gloucester Co VA Oxfordshire, England
----------(9) Rich Lady Anne Rich 1715 to Gloucester Co VA London, England
------------(10) Lewis John Lewis Before 1660 to Virginia Wales
----(6) Moseley William Moseley 8/14/1649 to Lower Norfolk Co VA London, England, and later Rotterdam, Holland
--(5) Hutto Isaac Hutto 7/26/1735 aboard the barque Oliver to Charleston SC Lower Palatinate of the Rhine
------(7) Diedricks Johannes Diedricks 7/13/1735 aboard the Samuel to 
Charleston SC
Canton Bern, Switzerland
----(6) Lewis William Lewis II 1736 to Wilmington NC Ulster, Ireland
(4) McPherson/McPhearson James McPherson 7/28/1764 aboard the ship John to 
New York
Ulster, Ireland
------(7) Shirley Thomas Shirley c. 1650 to St. Mary's Co MD Wiston, Sussex County, England
----------(9) Graham Thomas Graham c. 1670 to Old Rappahannock Co VA Scotland
----(6) Savage Unknown Virginia
------(7) Cox Unknown Pennsylvania
--------(8) Plummer Unknown   Pennsylvania
--(5) Taylor Daniel Ira Taylor Before 1817 to the Carolinas Greenock, Scotland
------(7) Graham Mary Graham d. Knapdale Parish, Argylshire, Scotland Greenock, Scotland
----(6) Fairley John Fairley 1770 aboard the ship Edinburgh to Wilmington, NC Scotland
------(7) McCall Katherine McCall   North Carolina



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